6 January 2016

Free embryology consultation for CFC patients

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Are you interested to find out what happens in the laboratory to your eggs, sperm and embryos?

The IVF laboratory is the most critical yet least understood area of a fertility centre.

With restricted access, the lab is kept as clean as possible. These embryology laboratories are filled with incubators, microscopes and highly skilled clinical embryologists to ensure patient’s eggs, sperm and embryos are kept in an optimised environment which mimics the human body as closely as we can and have the highest chance of survival and being healthy.

In the laboratory eggs and sperm (gametes) are combined together to form the best viable embryos for either fresh embryo transfer or to be frozen and stored for future thawing and use. This can be done by mixing the sperm and eggs together in a petri dish and leaving them to fertilise (IVF) or injecting a single sperm into an egg (ICSI). This part of the cycle requires a very high level of organisation, detail and skill to develop each embryo and get it ready for transfer.

On the day of egg retrieval the team of embryologists and laboratory technicians prepare sperm samples ready to combine with the eggs. Eggs that have fertilised are developed in the embryology laboratory until it’s time for the embryos to be transferred.

Blastocysts are embryos cultured in the laboratory for 5 or 6 days rather than the usual 2 or 3 days as in traditional IVF. By allowing embryos to continue to this stage of development before embryo transfer the embryologists can see which embryos are the strongest and have the best chances of succeeding. Blastocyst transfers are more likely to achieve a pregnancy and may be offered to patients if medically appropriate.

Free embryology consultation 

Here at Complete Fertility Centre we offer your first embryology consultation free of charge whereby by an embryologist will discuss your eggs, sperm and embryos in more detail whilst offering you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your gametes, their culture and development.

Our embryologists have joined Complete Fertility Centre from around the world and provide a first class laboratory service. They care for your gametes and embryos whilst they are outside your body using state-of-the-art incubators to simulate the natural environment. Observing the embryos at key stages in their development allows the embryologists to select embryos for transfer with the highest potential. Blastocyst transfers are offered at no extra cost to all patients if medically appropriate.

Embryology consultations can be booked at any stage of your treatment: before, during or after – it’s up to you! It may be useful:

• If you’re about to start your first IVF or ICSI cycle and you’d like to know more about what will happen to your eggs, sperm and embryos in the laboratory.
• During the two weeks after your embryo transfer whilst you’re waiting for your pregnancy test. You can ask more details about your cycle which may be helpful support during the difficult stage.
• If you’ve had one cycle that was unsuccessful and you’d like to know more information about your embryology.

To book
Call 02380 010 570 and ask for the Labs for your first free embryology consultation.

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