16 September 2015

Forewarned is forearmed

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Many women these days are delaying starting a family for a multitude of reasons that are specific to their circumstances and personal life choices. Women may aspire to further their career first before trying for a baby, they may not be in a relationship with a partner who they wish to have children with or they may not feel financially stable to provide for a future family.

An awareness of how the biological clock affects natural conception and how fast your biological clock is ticking is invaluable information to you and your partner, if you’re in a relationship with a partner you wish to have children with.

The biological clock varies from one woman to another. A woman is generally most fertile during the second half of their 20’s and this then drops off substantially at around 32 years of age. Fertility can decline sharply for the over 35’s.

At Complete Fertility we offer a fertility check up that will provide women, men and couples with information to make a more informed decision about when to start trying for a baby, if they plan to do so.

If you’re a woman, our fertility check up comprises of a blood test that will give you an indication of how many eggs remain in your ovaries. This figure has been shown to correlate with a woman’s fertility. An ultrasound scan will then be performed to count the growing follicles in your ovaries, assess your ovarian anatomy and health and check that there are no visible abnormalities in your uterus. A specialist fertility consultant will assess this information together with your family history and lifestyle and determine if you should start trying for a baby now or if you can delay childbearing until you’re ready.

Complete Fertility also offers a men’s fertility check up whereby the man will have a semen analysis to assess the quality and quantity of his sperm and complete a lifestyle and health questionnaire. The fertility consultant will evaluate these results and discuss any implications with the man.

A couple’s fertility check up combines the woman’s and man’s fertility check-ups so that together the couple have a comprehensive picture of their combined fertility which will give them a basis upon which to make childbearing decisions.

More information about our fertility check ups.

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