28 November 2016

Eggcellent reasons to donate your eggs

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If you’re considering becoming an egg donor then you’ll already have your own personal thoughts about why you might like to donate your eggs. Women choose to become egg donors for many reasons and here are just a few. Whatever your reason it takes a very special person to give the most generous gift – the gift of life.

1. The most generous gift – that can make a difference to another woman’s life. This truly valuable and honourable act allows a woman who cannot conceive without donor eggs to try for a baby. There are many reasons why a woman needs an egg donor including:

  • premature menopause
  • reduced ovarian reserve (run out of eggs)
  • never able to produce eggs
  • lost the use of her ovaries due to disease, surgery or cancer treatment
  • carrying inherited genetic diseases and not wanting to pass this onto her offspring.

2. Sense of pride and achievement – in knowing the joy brought to women and their partners who could not otherwise become parents without egg donation. Many women and couples struggle with infertility for years before realising their inability to conceive a child on their own and deciding to seek an egg donor. The amazing life-giving process of egg donation can positively change the lives of women and couples, giving them the only chance to have a child and become parents – an achievement to be justly proud of.

3. Empathy for women with fertility problems – you may have witnessed first-hand a friend or family member struggling to become pregnant or you may have read about the anguish experienced by women with fertility problems and you want to help take this pain away.

4. A want to give something back – if you’re a woman who has experienced first-hand the need for donor sperm, you may now feel a deep wish to give something back through egg donation.

5. There’s a shortage of egg donors – nationally there is a shortage of egg donors to meet the demand. Many more egg donors are needed to help woman and couples to achieve their only hope of having a baby.

6. You don’t need all of your eggs – if you’ve completed your family then it may seem like a waste for your eggs to be unused. If you want a family in the future then donating your eggs won’t affect your fertility. A teenage girl has three to four hundred thousand eggs and loses approximately one thousand eggs each month. Egg donation involves having hormone injections that encourage more than one egg to mature (as in the natural cycle) and these are retrieved and used by an egg recipient.

7. Free health screening tests – to ensure that you’re free from infection and have a normal genetic makeup. Your ovaries will be scanned to ensure that they’re healthy and you’ll have blood tests to check your fertility status.

8. You’ll receive compensation – egg donors receive £750 for their donation. This should not be your main motivation for donating your eggs but it goes towards compensating you for your time and effort.

Could you give the gift of life?

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