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16 August 2023

Donor Services at Complete Fertility

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Complete Fertility Donor Services 

Sperm Donation and Donor Sperm

Here at Complete Fertility we recruit our own sperm donors and have a donor sperm bank and donor website for the use of patients having treatment at our clinic. We do accept imported sperm from three other clinics if patients request it.

Sperm donation is usually a 6 - 9 month process involving 15 donations. Where does it start? Potential donors complete a questionnaire found on our website. We then run tests to ensure the potential donor's semen sample meets the required criteria before they are approved to donate. We manage the thorough counselling, consent and screening processes in-house.

After the donation process is complete, the samples are quarantined for three months before being released for use in treatment. The donated sperm can be used to help create up to 10 families.

Egg Donation

We have two different types of donors:

  1. Altruistic donors - These donors donate to help others and do not donate for gain. 
  2. Egg sharers – These are patients who require IVF and keep half the eggs collected for their own treatment and donate half. There are strict criteria donors are required to meet and sadly not everyone who wants to donate is able to do so. We also offer an egg freeze and share option for patients who wish to freeze eggs for their own future treatment as well as donate.

Egg donation is a 3 - 6 month process involving approximately 10 appointments, including counselling, screening, and scans.

When donated eggs are collected they are either matched with a recipient immediately or frozen for our egg bank.

We also offer shared motherhood treatment for same-sex couples, allowing one partner to provide eggs to the other for treatment.

All our donors and recipients undergo implications counselling. It is something we insist on at Complete Fertility.

Donors are identifiable once a donor-conceived person reaches the age of 18. The donor-conceived person can make an application to find out the identifying information of the donor. The donor has no legal, financial or parental responsibility to anyone born as a result of their donation.   

Embryo Donors

Patients who have completed their family through IVF treatment and still have frozen embryos in storage can opt to donate these embryos to another patient. As with egg and sperm donation, there are criteria to be met.


"This is an incredible job. There is a lot of coordination and organisation involved in every donation. From urine to the blood test, counselling and donation, there is a huge amount involved before the donations are matched to a recipient. For those undertaking fertility treatment, it can be a long and emotional journey. It is fantastic to see a patient have a successful outcome because of a donation and knowing I have played a small part and hopefully made their fertility journey a little easier is why I do this job."

- Julie Hedges, Donor Coordinator

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