21 October 2015

Could you be a sperm donor?

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Sperm donors needed to help couples achieve their only hope of having a family
To meet current demands, around 1,000 sperm donors are needed every year from all nationalities, religions and cultures, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds¹.

Here at Complete Fertility Centre we need your sperm.

Some couples can only experience the joys of parenthood thanks to the kindness of sperm donors. One of the most common causes of infertility is a problem with sperm ranging from a genetic condition to simply none at all.

Why become a sperm donor?
The donation of sperm to help someone to have a child is one of the most generous gifts anyone can give.

Past sperm donor comments:
“It is one of the best things I have ever done in my life!”
“I had the potential to have a massive positive impact on someone else’s life.”
Many donors feel a real sense of pride, knowing the joy they have brought to people who could not otherwise become parents.
“Each night we tuck up our treasured, bright, wonderful little girl and our completely mad, sweet, beloved little boy – because of the generosity of just one man – thank you,” donor sperm recipient.

Once accepted as a Complete Fertility sperm donor you will receive £35 per visit as compensation. For the recommended 15 samples you will receive £525.

Could you be a sperm donor?

To be a sperm donor at Complete Fertility Centre, you must:
• Be aged between 18 and 41.
• Be willing to be screened for medical conditions.
• Have good health in your immediate and extended family.
• Be a non-smoker.
• Be committed to be a donor with Complete Fertility. You must be prepared to attend our clinic regularly for several months to donate and commit to returning for a final screen six months later.
• Agree to be registered with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority as a donor.
• Only donate to Complete Fertility Centre.
• Not put yourself at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

What’s the sperm donation process?

  1. Firstly, you will need to complete and return our sperm donor questionnaire.
  2. We will then invite you for an appointment with our Donor Coordinator to talk about your motives for donation and the process. You will also be asked to produce a sample for a semen analysis to ascertain the quality and quantity of your sperm.
  3. If you’re suitable to be a donor we will invite you for a medical consultation at Complete Fertility Centre to discuss your medical history and ensure you are fit and well.
  4. You’ll then meet our Counsellor to make sure you’ve thought through all aspects of sperm donation and to answer any questions you may have.
  5. You’ll then start sperm banking whereby you come to the clinic usually once a week to produce a sperm sample which we freeze. We’ll normally ask you for 15 samples.
  6. Once you’ve finished sperm banking you’ll have a blood screen for infectious diseases. The samples are then quarantined for 6 months and once these 6 months have passed you’ll be asked back for a final blood screening. If all results are negative then your sperm will be released for our patients to use in their fertility treatment.

To find out more about becoming a sperm donor read our helpful Donor Information Sheet or visit sperm donation.

¹ http://www.ngdt.co.uk/sperm-donor/why-donate/

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