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28 September 2023

Complete Fertility launches a Lifestyle Support Group

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Published research demonstrates how being overweight can have a negative effect on the way your body responds to fertility drugs. For some patients, this means they are required to reduce their BMI before they can start treatment or qualify for treatment if they are undergoing NHS funding or private treatment. There is little doubt, undergoing fertility treatment can be daunting and if, in addition, patients are required to lose weight it adds further to the pressure felt by women.

This is why Complete Fertility has launched the Lifestyle Support Group. It’s another example of how Complete Fertility supports its patients even before their treatment journey begins.

“No one should ever feel alone or unsupported whilst under our care.”  Denise Durham, Senior Fertility Counsellor, Complete Fertility.

Denise explains:

“We meet informally in a virtual meeting once a week. The group started earlier this summer with four patients but now I have 46 people subscribed. We meet to discuss current dietary advice, exercise, tips and generally support one another during what can be a difficult time. We talk a lot about motivation and how to find the right state of mind to start losing weight. The most common theme is how difficult it is to lose weight and we can all sympathise with that. If patients need further support, they can access fertility counselling.”

At Complete Fertility, unlike other clinics, our counselling team is available to our patients for as long as they need them.

To find out more please email: Patientsupport@completefertility.co.uk



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