1 May 2024

Complete Fertility Counselling Introduces New Short Sessions

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Here at Complete Fertility, we recognise the emotional impact of fertility treatment. Counselling is offered to every patient, but this may feel intimidating or simply not fit in with a busy work life balance. To extend the support offered, we have introduced shorter support chats offered by our counsellors. Less formal and more flexible than formal counselling, these sessions can be 10 to 20 minutes just to talk through a worry or concern or just have someone listen who understands.

Counselling is proven to help individuals and couples as they undergo fertility treatment. To make it accessible for our patients, Complete Fertility offers every patient six free sessions. These can take place face-to-face, online via Teams or now, during a quick chat over the phone. By offering these different opportunities to access our counsellors we hope our patients will find it easier to talk to an expert when they most need it.

To find out more about counselling, our lifestyle support group or to simply speak to someone, we are here. To find out more please email:

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