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7 May 2024

Complete Fertility and The BBC OneShow

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Exciting news – Complete Fertility and our team of experts will be on the OneShow tomorrow, Wednesday, 8th May. Presenter and technology expert, Lucy Hedges visited our clinic to learn about our new cryostorage robot used to store frozen eggs and embryos.

We are the first clinic in the south of England to invest in this fantastic new technology and we were keen to share our news. Lucy also met and interviewed some of our lovely patients who have experienced the life-changing benefits of our fertility treatments, egg freezing services and egg bank.

One of the patients she met was Annabel Robbins who is 37 years old and lives on the Isle of Wight. She chose to freeze her eggs after investigating her fertility. Due to studying later in life and having relationships where children weren't an option, Annabel delayed having a family. She discovered she had a very low egg count for her age so freezing her eggs was the best chance she had to hopefully use them later, when she is ready to start her family.


“For me it is about timing. I was either not in the right relationship or when I was, my career and studying took over. When I settled in the legal profession, after various careers, hearing about the option to freeze my eggs seemed a sensible thing for me to do. After the initial tests, I was told I had very low egg reserve. To add to it, starting the procedures at 35 years of age has meant I had to go through three egg collections to get even a few eggs that were suitable for freezing. I am always thinking ahead, planning what to do next and I wish I had looked into egg freezing when I was younger to give me more time. Now it's highly time sensitive but hopefully, because I have a few frozen, I have more options.”

- Annabel Robbins
Filming in the lab

Today egg freezing has become the fastest growing fertility treatment type in the UK[1]. In 2022, the rules on how long eggs, sperm and embryos could be stored changed from 10 years to up to 55 years. This allows women to store their eggs for longer and consider their fertility options.

In a recent survey of 2000 people, conducted by Complete Fertility, 29% of 20 – 24-year-old women said they would be interested in freezing their eggs.[2]

Complete Fertility has implemented the TMRW CryoRobot Select. It is an automated platform for the safe management and storage of frozen eggs and embryos. The new technology helps the laboratory team increase their storage capacity and checks the storage conditions thousands of times a day, 24/7, reducing the reliance on manual processes. This will give patients the peace of mind they deserve when considering or undergoing fertility treatment and storage.

The BBC OneShow feature promises to be insightful and inspiring. Don’t miss out one this special showcase of our cutting-edge fertility services.

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[2] OnePoll 12 Dec 2023 – 21 Dec 2023 

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