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20 June 2024

A Journey to Parenthood: Vicky and Charlie’s Story

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When Vicky and Charlie first got together, they knew they wanted to have a child. Their journey was fuelled by hope, determination, and the support of a loving community.

The Decision to Start

Despite the uncertainty, they took the first step by booking an appointment at Complete Fertility. The initial consultations involved blood tests and assessments to determine their readiness to proceed with IVF. Vicky's blood tests showed she had the best ovarian reserve, although they knew that quantity doesn't necessarily equate to quality.

Originally, the plan was for Vicky to carry Charlie’s egg. However, after further discussions and test results, they decided to use Vicky’s egg instead.  

The IVF Process

They underwent IVF and were fortunate right from the start. Out of seven eggs retrieved, five were fertilised, and one top-quality embryo became their son, Lucus. Three other embryos were frozen for potential future use.

Charlie would be the one to carry the baby this time, using the same donor. As Vicky approached 40, she decided it would be the last time she carried a child.

Support and Community

The journey wasn't just about medical procedures. As part of the normal fertility pathway, Vicky and Charlie attended counselling and went through a donor database to choose the right donor for them. They were supported by their amazing teams at Princess Anne Hospital, where they both worked. This was why they also knew Prof Ying and many of the doctors, anaesthetists, and embryologists who work for Complete Fertility and this made the whole process more comfortable.

Social media also played a significant role. Through Instagram, they connected with other same-sex couples going through similar experiences. This online community provided a sense of solidarity and shared understanding that was invaluable.

Family Dynamics

Vicky and Charlie’s family dynamic is unique and beautiful. Vicky’s 16-year-old son has become Lucas’ best friend and protector; both he and Lucas idolise one another.

Their workplace family was equally supportive. James Hounslow, who performed the embryo transfer, was particularly attentive, checking in on them throughout the process. This network of care and support extended well beyond the clinical aspects of their journey.

Reflection and Gratitude

Reflecting on their journey, Charlie shared how coming out at 17 made her doubt if she would ever have children. Meeting Vicky changed everything, and they know how lucky they are to have their beautiful family.    

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