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Helen's story

After trying naturally for a baby for 9 years and numerous tests all showing only mild male factor infertility, my husband and I decided to try IVF.

Frozen embryo transfer (FET) success.

Our story

We chose Complete Fertility for our treatment after a recommendation from a friend who had had a successful cycle the previous year and found the clinic and staff to be amazing!

At our initial consultation we felt really positive about the treatment and it wasn’t long before our first cycle started. Our fresh cycle resulted in three blastocysts that had been cultured in the laboratory for five days. One blastocyst was transferred and the other two were frozen. The cycle was a success but unfortunately we had a miscarriage at nine weeks.

Trying again

We waited three months and then decided to try again with one of our frozen blastocysts.

I took a hormone in order to build up the lining in my womb and to stop me from ovulating naturally. The nurses at Complete Fertility scanned me every few days to check everything was as it should be. They were very supportive given my anxious nature.

After two weeks of taking the hormones we were ready to have our blastocyst defrosted and transferred.

I was very nervous on the embryo transfer day but the doctor and nurse were very reassuring and, when our little blastocyst popped up on the screen we all said ‘good morning’ to it! The transfer went very smoothly and we left feeling confident and relaxed.

The next ten days were very difficult whilst we waited to take a pregnancy test.

As fate would have it the pregnancy test date we were given was also our tenth wedding anniversary.... and to our amazement it was positive!

Three week wait

We were over the moon but also very cautious given what had happened last time.

We called the clinic and they were delighted for us. A few days later a blood test confirmed I was pregnant and we were booked in for a scan at seven weeks.

The three week wait for the pregnancy scan was the longest of our lives but that morning we were seen very quickly and I knew everything was ok as soon as I saw the big smile across the nurses face! There on the screen in front of us was our tiny baby with a good strong heartbeat!

Our beautiful baby boy!

We had regular scans throughout the rest of my pregnancy and I went into labour on my due date, giving birth to our beautiful baby boy, Thomas William, the next day being Friday 13th April - lucky for some!

He is absolutely wonderful and we are so grateful to everyone at Complete Fertility for helping us on our amazing journey!

We still have one little blastocyst in the freezer so it won’t be long until we are back!

Thank you all so much

Love from Sam, Helen and Thomas




Positive preg test
Helen's scan
Helen's baby