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Complete Fertility Centre Southampton is a very busy place.
From celebrating the birth of babies born to our patients to publishing cutting edge research there is always lots going on.

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BBC Radio Solent features Complete Fertility expert

Listen again to Sasha Twining's Ask the Expert feature with guests from Complete Fertility and their patients:


New hope given to women struggling to conceive

Endometriosis research

Southampton researchers have found new insight into why some women have difficulty falling pregnant.


Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting around 10 per cent of women and is associated with chronic abdominal pain, irregular periods, and lowered fertility.


In order to become pregnant a woman must produce a mature egg. Maturation occurs in fluid-filled structures called follicles in the ovary. The mature eggs are then released to become fertilised however eggs in women who have endometriosis are affected by a very hostile uterine environment that lowers fertility. It is assumed...



Expert fertility consultations, investigations and check-ups now in Bournemouth

Open Evening

To make your fertility assessment and treatment as easy as possible we now offer a satellite clinic service in Bournemouth.


Our expert fertility consultants, who are internationally renowned as pioneers and leaders in their field, are offering local, individual and convenient fertility consultations, investigations and fertility check-ups at the Strouden Park Medical Centre in Bournemouth.


People having difficulty conceiving in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas can benefit from having initial consultations, tests and scans at this local clinic before travelling to Southampton...



Pioneering Southampton General Hospital treatment offers fertility hope for cancer sufferers

Fertility Hope

Women of childbearing age diagnosed with cancer can have their fertility preserved through a pioneering procedure offered by specialists in Southampton.


Clinicians in the city are among the first in the country to carry out a new technique to remove and freeze ovarian tissue containing eggs to prevent them being damaged during cancer treatments.


Now leading experts hope the new method can trigger a wider rollout of fertility preservation for thousands of women and girls on the NHS.


Fertility preservation techniques are already available but they are not suitable for all women. Read more...


Dr Larisa Corda talks about fertility on This Morning

Dr Larisa Corda

Dr Larisa Corda from Complete Fertility discusses why women should have children early on in life, the subject of today's phone-in.


This Morning Wednesday 29th June with Holly and Phillip.









Southampton fertility experts launch new service for cancer patients

Fertility Preservation

Clinicians in Southampton are performing a new procedure which can help to preserve fertility in women with newly-diagnosed cancer.


It is known as ovarian tissue cryopreservation and involves removing and freezing healthy ovarian tissue containing eggs before the start of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.


Both therapies can permanently damage the reproductive organs or cause premature menopause.


Once a patient has completed their course of treatment and is either in remission or of child-bearing age, the ovarian tissue strips are thawed.



Embryoscope™ technology now at Complete Fertility Centre


Time-lapse Embryoscope™ monitoring is now available to fertility treatment patients at Complete Fertility Centre as part of their treatment cycle.


The Embryoscope™ is a sophisticated incubator with a built in microscope and time-lapse camera which allows all the vital stages of embryo development to be monitored from the time of conception.


This highly-detailed information about an embryo’s development provides embryologists with enhanced data to identify the embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy.



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