New app to support fertility patients

Complete Fertility Centre is proud to launch the MediEmo mobile application, an innovative application specially designed for fertility patients on Monday 22nd May 2017. MediEmo aims to communicate with, support and empower patients throughout their treatment journey, both logistically and emotionally.

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Know the facts about age and infertility

In women

Fertility CheckAge is the number one factor that affects female fertility. The biological clock varies from one woman to another but her fertility will progressively decline. A woman is generally most fertile during the second half of her 20’s and this then drops off substantially at around the age of 32. Fertility can decline sharply for the over 35’s.

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Free embryology consultation for CFC patients

Are you interested to find out what happens in the laboratory to your eggs, sperm and embryos?

DSC_8905The IVF laboratory is the most critical yet least understood area of a fertility centre.

With restricted access, the lab is kept as clean as possible. These embryology laboratories are filled with incubators, microscopes and highly skilled clinical embryologists to ensure patient’s eggs, sperm and embryos are kept in an optimised environment which mimics the human body as closely as we can and have the highest chance of survival and being healthy.

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Forewarned is forearmed

Fertility Check Many women these days are delaying starting a family for a multitude of reasons that are specific to their circumstances and personal life choices. Women may aspire to further their career first before trying for a baby, they may not be in a relationship with a partner who they wish to have children with or they may not feel financially stable to provide for a future family.

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