Expert fertility consultations, investigations and check-ups now in Bournemouth

To make your fertility assessment and treatment as easy as possible we now offer a satellite clinic service in Bournemouth.


Local, individual and convenient fertility consultations

Our expert fertility consultants, who are internationally renowned as pioneers and leaders in their field, are offering local, individual and convenient fertility consultations, investigations and fertility check-ups at the Strouden Park Medical Centre in Bournemouth.

People having difficulty conceiving in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas can benefit from having initial consultations, tests and scans at this local clinic before travelling to Southampton for treatment.

In addition those wanting a fertility check-up to support their family planning will also be able to access this locally to gain a comprehensive picture of their fertility.

No waiting

The new clinic allows private fertility patients to book a convenient consultation without waiting. It negates the need for patients in Bournemouth and the surrounding area, to travel for an initial fertility consultation, tests or a check-up.

Professor Ying Cheong said: “Complete Fertility Centre is delighted to open this satellite fertility service for the Bournemouth community and provide patients with the best level of fertility care appropriate to their needs, locally and without waiting.

“By offering consultant-led consultations and investigations in Bournemouth, patients will benefit from easy and rapid access to appointments with minimal travelling time and a free onsite car park,” added Doctor Mili Saran.

After having an initial consultation and investigations at Strouden Park Medical Centre in Bournemouth, patients who require fertility treatment can then continue their care with Complete Fertility Centre at the nearby innovative centre in Southampton.

Specialist fertility care

Patients at Complete Fertility Centre Southampton receive specialist, individualised fertility care to give them the very best chance of having a baby. A team of world class fertility experts provide fertility advice and treatment based on the latest proven research developments in fertility medicine. Located within Princess Anne Hospital, patients also have direct access to University Hospital expertise and services.

For more information please call 01202 532 253 to book an appointment.