New Consultant for Complete Fertility

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Mili Saran to the post of Consultant at Complete Fertility Centre.


Dr Mili Saran

“I am thrilled to have secured the post of Consultant at Complete Fertility Centre and to work as part of this dynamic multidisciplinary team. This exciting position offers the opportunity to provide first class individualised care for fertility patients to help make their goals a reality whilst also being involved in cutting edge research in the field of fertility”
says Dr Mili Saran

Mili has been working at Complete Fertility Centre since July 2013 when she joined as a Senior Special Interest Training Fellow. As a new Consultant, Mili has a futuristic vision for fertility treatment. She is passionate about continuous improvement and service development.

‘One stop’ HyCoSy clinic

In addition to the fertility clinics that Mili runs at Princess Anne Hospital she also offers a ‘one stop’ HyCoSy clinic where the test for womb cavity and tubal patency is done by the fertility team, the results are then discussed with the patient and arrangements for the next steps made straight away.

Skype consultation clinics

Mili is also piloting Skype consultation clinics that are more convenient for patients as it negates the need to travel to clinic and also patients from further afield may choose to have fertility treatment at Complete Fertility Centre if travelling can be reduced.

Ovarian tissue cryopreservation

University Hospital Southampton is one of just two Centres in the UK that can provide ovarian tissue cryopreservation, a new procedure to help newly diagnosed cancer patients to maintain their fertility after their cancer treatment and Mili is the clinical lead for this service. It involves removing and freezing healthy ovarian tissue containing eggs from a patient before they start treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, which can permanently damage the reproductive organs or cause premature menopause. Once a patient has completed their course of treatment and is either in remission or of child-bearing age, the ovarian tissue strips are thawed and either re-implanted into the ovary to allow them to try to conceive naturally or the eggs are retrieved and fertilised in vitro and the embryo is implanted in the uterus.


Mili is also co-leading a trial using a more natural approach to IVF, called the AneVivo technique. This allows patients to play an active role in the early stages of their embryo’s development. Patients can fertilise and carry their embryos in their womb using the AneVivo device during the early embryo development stage, which normally occurs in a laboratory. Recently approved by the HFEA, Complete Fertility Centre is currently the first fertility centre in the UK to trial this.

Mili works closely with the fertility team at Complete Fertility including other consultants, nurses, embryologists and most importantly with the patients to deliver excellent patient care.