We aim to build long lasting partnerships with all our referring doctors.


Let us come to you

We appreciate how busy GPs are. As such our consultants are keen to visit you and your colleagues at your practice meeting or for a meeting over lunch at your surgery to present some relevant updates in fertility or a fertility topic of your choice.

Simply email us to confirm your interest and we will contact you to arrange a meeting individually tailored to your practice requirements.

Our Marketing Manager would also be pleased to meet you and your colleagues and will be dropping by with information on Complete Fertility.

Please email us if you would like to arrange a visit or you would like to receive some further information on the centre.

“Thank you Complete for an informative and interesting meeting. Our GPs gave great feedback about the meeting. Thank you Professor Cheong for your time and thank you Complete for the lovely pizzas!”
Pam, Hedge End Medical Centre.

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What fertility investigations do patients need?

Our aim is to provide your patient with the best advice, treatments and support we can to help them achieve a healthy pregnancy, and to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. To help us do this, we would be grateful if you could ensure the following results are available to us at your patient’s first appointment, as we will often then be able to move straight ahead with a treatment plan for them.

  • FSH, LH and Oestrogen: This blood test should be taken on day 2-4 of the cycle.

  • Progesterone: This blood test should be taken on day 21 of the cycle if 28 days long, or a day or two earlier or later if the cycle is shorter or longer respectively.

  • Rubella blood test.

  • Chlamydia swab or urine test.

  • Semen Analysis.

Please note that referral does not guarantee that a patient will be accepted for treatment, but all patients will be seen and assessed as to their suitability for assisted conception.

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GP Seminars

Complete Fertility is committed to offering an educational programme for GPs. Our seminars offer:
• first class training on the latest developments and concepts in fertility
• attendance certificates are issued to all delegates for CPD evidence

Book your free place

To book your place please email with your name, surgery, contact tel and any dietary requirements.

How to make a referral to Complete Fertility

Referral of patients to our fertility services is simply done via the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS).

Southampton City CCG funding

One NHS funded cycle of IVF treatment available to couples who live in Southampton CCG and satisfy the eligibility criteria set out below. One cycle of IVF treatment is defined as one cycle of ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and fertilisation and up to two separate embryo transfers (fresh/frozen or frozen/frozen as clinically indicated). It includes appropriate diagnostic tests, scans and pharmacological therapy.

Fertility Doctor

The freezing and storage of viable embryos from NHS funded IVF will be funded for up to 3 years (or the female's 42nd birthday of this is sooner) so that couples have the option to use stored embryos at a later stage if they choose to do so.

Sperm storage will be funded for post-pubertal males under the age of 55 years who are about to undergo medical treatment which is likely to result in long-term sub-fertility. Subsequent assisted conceptions procedures using the sperm will not be funded unless the other eligibility criteria are met.

IVF using donated eggs from UK clinics licensed by the HFEA will be commissioned. Surgical sperm retrieval will be commissioned in appropriately selected patients, provided that the azoospermia is not the result of a sterilisation procedure or the absence of sperm production.

Eligibility criteria for patients in Southampton City CCG

The patient / couple must:

  • Comply with NICE Clinical Practice
    And have gone through the primary and secondary care sub-fertility pathways appropriate to them before IVF is considered. See

    These investigations must all have been completed prior to referral for assisted conception: Rubella, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. FSH / AMH is also offered.

  • Have had infertility of at least 1 year duration
    Couples with a diagnosed cause of absolute infertility which precludes any possibility of natural conception, and who meet all the other criteria, will have immediate access to IVF on reaching the eligible age range. All other couples must have infertility of at least 1 year duration.

  • The woman must be 34 years or below at time of referral
    The age at referral should be before the female’s 35th birthday. Women approaching the age of 35 years must be referred in time to be able to commence treatment before their 35th birthday.

  • Never have received NHS funded IVF/ICSI treatment or have had more than 2 self-funded cycles of IVF/ICSI and have no frozen embryos stored from a previous cycle.
    If a couple has had frozen embryos transferred as part of earlier self-funded treatment the frozen cycles will not be counted as previous cycles, when assessing eligibility for NHS funded IVF.

  • Women in same sex couples or women not in a partnership must be demonstrably sub-fertile
    (10 unsuccessful cycles of IUI as evidence of unexplained infertility).

  • Not have a living child (including adopted) from their relationship, or any previous relationship.

  • Not have been sterilised for either partner.

  • Have a BMI range between 19 and 29.9 for at least the last six months.

  • Both be non-smokers for at least the last six months.

For more comprehensive information regarding specific criteria then please email us.

Patients who are suitable for NHS assisted conception treatment will be notified directly.

Patients desiring private treatment should have this clearly indicated on the form.

Fertility Check

We offer a Fertility Check for our patients that gives a comprehensive picture of their fertility health. If one of your patients is concerned about their fertility they may benefit from this service. They can book directly with us by calling us on 023 8120 6980.