Woman shouting about fertility

Fertility Awareness Week

It seems obvious to anyone experiencing fertility issues that the support of their peers plays a huge role in their overall experience, especially with regards to the effects of fertility issues on overall mental health. But do the general public have an awareness on the affect their words may have on someone with fertility problems? We recently conducted a survey to find out just that, as well as exploring the general public’s relationship with their own fertility. We received over 100 submissions for the survey. Read on to see our findings.

The Results

Although many more people are sharing their stories of fertility treatment, there are still many that don't. They feel that they could be judged or are embarrassed. Fertility treatment can take such a toll on your mental health, it is important that you share the  load and get support when you need it.

Many people do not realise that some of the comments they make can be quite hurtful to those undergoing treatment. We want to shine a spotlight on this, we will be using the hashtag #bekindwithyourwords during Fertility Awareness Week(July 20th). This is an important movement.

Would you like to share your story?

Would you like to share a comment or a video on your experience of going through treatment? 

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