9 November 2018

Why are we offering free IVF for our egg sharers?

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Free IVF? Sounds too good to be true…But if you join our egg sharing programme and donate half of your eggs produced during your IVF treatment to an anonymous woman who needs eggs for her IVF treatment, then you can both have a chance of becoming pregnant and, as a thank you for this amazing and generous act of egg donation, you can receive free IVF.

Women who need donor eggs have often been through a long and difficult fertility journey themselves. Reasons include early menopause (sometimes through cancer treatment) or unexplained infertility, usually diagnosed after many unsuccessful attempts at IVF with their own eggs. By sharing eggs, you have the chance to help another woman just like you, achieve her dream of having a family.

Thanks to our recent refurbishment, Complete Fertility patients benefit from an improved patient experience and easier access to our services. We now have a brand new waiting room and more consulting rooms that are contemporary in design and equipped with modern facilities. This investment has been made following our acquisition by Virtus Healthcare the market leading Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) provider in Australia and Ireland.

We believe in offering clear and complete packages for our patients and our free egg share package includes everything you will need for a standard IVF cycle with no hidden costs.

Our free IVF egg sharing package includes:

  • all your medical and nursing consultations
  • pre-treatment screening tests
  • up to six counselling sessions
  • all drugs for your stimulation cycle
  • egg retrieval
  • IVF insemination of at least four eggs
  • blastocyst culture
  • embryo transfer
  • pregnancy scan or follow up appointment
  • HFEA fee

The only extra costs, if required, are half price ICSI and embryo freezing, and list price donor sperm.

Complete Fertility’s egg sharing package offers IVF patients the opportunity to access treatment whatever their situation, including women and couples who don’t meet NHS funding eligibility criteria, or who have had an unsuccessful NHS IVF cycle.

More information about the criteria for egg sharing can be found here.

One question we’re often asked is whether sharing eggs reduces your own chance of having a baby. Research and our own statistics show that this isn’t the case. Here at Complete Fertility our IVF through egg share success rates are excellent with our clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer is 53.8% for egg sharers.

So you rest assured that your generous gift will provide both yourself and your recipient the best possible chance.

Enabling someone to have a child through the gift of egg sharing is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Our sharers feel a huge sense of pride and achievement, knowing the joy they have brought to people who could not otherwise become parents.

If you’re interested in egg sharing, then call our donor team on 023 8120 8359 or email donorcoordinator@completefertility.co.uk

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