NHS concessions

We are pleased to offer discounts to all NHS staff on their fertility treatment at Complete Fertility Centre Southampton. The policy and can be found here.

British Armed Forces & Police Concessions

Complete Fertility offers special packages for the British Armed Forces and Police personnel in support of the valuable and honourable work done by the BAF and Police.

BAF/Police fertility treatment concessions

These include:

£250 off IVF treatment only
£450 off egg recipient packages
50% discount for sperm freezing
10% discount for egg freezing

NHS England will commission up to three cycles of IVF for Armed Forces couples who meet the criteria set out in their Assisted Conception policy. The policy and can be found here.

To be eligibile the patient / couple must meet the following criteria:

NHS Eligibility for BAF


At least one partner (A) is registered with a Defence Medical Services practice in England


The other partner (B) is either (i) the spouse or civil partner of A or (ii) A and B are cohabiting as partners in a substantial and exclusive relationship where either B is financially dependent on A or A & B are financially interdependent

Woman’s Age

Under 43 years of age at the time of treatment

Woman’s BMI

More than 19 kg/m2 and less than 30 kg/m2

Man’s BMI

Less than 30 kg/m2

Welfare of the Child

The welfare of any resulting children is paramount. In order to take into account the welfare of the child, the clinician should consider factors which are likely to cause serious physical, psychological or medical harm, either to the child to be born or to any existing children of the family.

This is a requirement of the licencing body, Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

Family Structure

There should be no living children from this relationship including adopted children but excluding fostered children.

There should be no children from previous relationships.

There is an explicit and recorded assessment that the social circumstances of the family unit have been considered within the context of the assessment of the welfare of the child.


Both partners should be confirmed non-smokers


Written consent to treatment is required from both partners

Previous history

Neither partner has been sterilised