NEW AneVivo: Natural Fertilisation

Pioneering a more natural approach to IVF.

Patients play an active role in the fertilisation and very early development of their embryos, with these stages occurring in the maternal womb rather than in the laboratory.

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AneVivo: In vivo fertilisation and very early development

Normally IVF involves the fertilisation and development of embryos in the laboratory.

Natural Fertilisation allows fertilisation of the eggs and sperm in an optimal maternal environment thanks to AneVivo, a permeable medical device, that allow fluid exchanges between the maternal environment and the embryo.

The benefits

• The mother-to-be can play an active role in the fertilisation.

• The embryos fertilise in a natural environment being exposed to the conditions, fluids and dynamic of the maternal environment. In a laboratory the immediate fluidic environment is static and is only an approximation of the complexity of the natural conditions.

• The interaction of the embryo with the mother and her body’s response to the presence of the embryo and vice-versa. The embryo will benefit from the usual maternal signals.

• The presence of the embryo in the maternal environment during the fertilisation could result in the endometrium of the mother being better prepared and more receptive for embryo implantation.

• Restoring this stage to the womb may result in an increase in the number of high quality embryos, both on a morphological and genetic level and improve the success rate.

Natural Fertilisation explained

Natural Fertilisation is a brand new development in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that allows the fertilisation to take place in the physiological environment of the maternal womb instead of a laboratory incubator.

Here at Complete Fertility we place the eggs into the AneVivo device after they have been exposed to sperm and the sperm cells have bound to the egg. The AneVivo device is then inserted into the mothers womb for fertilisation and the very early phases of development. The device is then removed, the embryos continue their development in vitro and are assessed in the conventional way and the best one or two embryos will be transferred back into your uterus.

The AneVivo device

AneVivo is a porous device that has been specifically developed to carry the reproductive cells together in to the womb for fertilisation and early embryo development. 

AneVivo Device

The results

The preliminary results are encouraging. Anecova, developers of this new technology, are undertaking further clinical evaluation with international experts in the field. Their goal is to improve the quality and experience of care in fertility treatment by using more physiological and natural processes. However it is possible that the process might offer no improvement in efficacy and might add an unnecessary cost to patients.

Complete Fertility Centre is the first fertility centre in the UK to offer IVF patients the AneVivo technique. For more information please contact us.

Professor Nick Macklon, international leader in fertility medicine and Medical Director at Complete Fertility Centre says: “The AneVivo device allows very early embryos to develop in the mother’s womb rather than in the laboratory. Embryos therefore grow in a more physiological environment, receiving nutrition and signals from the mother rather than from the culture fluids used in the laboratory. There is increasing evidence that long term health of IVF babies may benefit from reducing the time spent in laboratory conditions. Studies have also shown that this approach, which allows the embryo and the mother to signal to each other may result in the mother being better prepared and more receptive for embryo implantation. The preliminary results of this innovative procedure are encouraging.”

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Am I suitable for the AneVivo natural fertilisation?

In order to be considered for the Anevivo natural fertilisation we request that you have the following screening locally and send your results to our Anevivo nurse:

Uterus scan - results to show a normal uterus
AMH test - measuring above 5pmol/L
Hep B, Hep C, HIV, Rubella and Chlamydia tests - all negative

Patients should also have had no cervical surgery

Once we receive all the results required our Anevivo nurse will call you to advise you of your suitability.

How much is AneVivo?

Currently there is no additional charge for Anevivo IVF. It is charged at the standard IVF package price of £3950. Please see price list for what is included and excluded in this package price.

Find out more about AneVivo by downloading the brochure

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